why cats turned when called "PUS"

Cats are carnivorous mammals kind word "cat" generally refers to the "cat" that had been tamed, but it can also refer to the "big cats" such as lions and tigers. State of our own in most cats live our environment and friendly to us. But do you know why there are cats that we or the environment around us we often call EFA.

And the cat will definitely noleh and mengaung. Surprisingly, cats do not understand human language or cats that are actually not named it is able to understand and looked up when we call him. Actually, the phenomenon of cat turned when called "pussy" is similar to the phenomenon of Pavlov's dogs.
Do you know of Pavlov's dogs?

A researcher named Ivan Pavlov conducted research on dogs. This research was conducted by way of ringing the bell when it will feed on dogs. Long, Pavlov's dogs would salivate every time I hear the sound of a bell because they have assumed the sound of the bell as mealtime.

Well, as well as the cat. Ordinary people call a "pussy" when going to feed the cat or would like stroking a cat. Good food, or stroked, both are two things that are favored by cats.

Hence, the cat will turn if hearing called "pussy" in the hope of being fed or stroked by the person who called.

However, not all cats will surely turn to call "pussy" because like Pavlov's dogs, this is a habit.

If the cat since childhood never called "pussy", then he will not turn if called "pussy" because they do not recognize and do not assume the call with anything.

So, in fact you can also make cats turn with any call by pledging to call the cat by name while going to feed or pet him. Then, after a long time the cat will get used and will turn when you call him by a name that you gave him.

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