This Section Hacker Meretas Using Tricks "Naughty"

However powerful security of a network the Internet, there is always a way to do the hackers (hackers) to break into the security data destination. Examples such as the way in which women beautiful and sexy origin Fushan, China this.
Gets himself as Sexy Cyborg, beautiful and sexy woman who at first glance looks like this model with classified as "rogue states" in order to deceive the target, mainly aimed at men method. Sexy Cyborg use a sexy upper body to divert attention. But the main weapon hackers actually quite it. In his shoes
Hacker Seksi Ini Meretas Menggunakan Trik
Shoes Sexy Cyborg exactly heel area is equipped with several appliances including a single USB hackers. The USB device connected to your computer to record all kinds of letters that use the destination. In this way, this beautiful hackers can easily obtain passwords or other important data that could be used to chop.
hacker seksi 01

Not only does the trick "rogue states" distract with sexy body, which was used to couple the electronic pen on the target network system so that he could control them from afar.
hacker seksi 02

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