Signs of people will die

 Indeed we as humans do not have the ability to predict when a person is doomed, even The Prophet, including Prophet Muhammad was not given the ability to know the signs of people will die or die and make a verdict when and where someone will die because it is the prerogative of Allah and no one creature on earth is given revelation, or whisper either through dreams or gesture would regarding the death of a person.
But we as humans certainly we've seen relatives or neighbors who a few days before the death of both ill and healthy have the temperament or words strange that very rarely or even never said or done by people who did'm completely healthy body.
The following signs or characteristics of people who will die if someone is sick.

1. Frequent wetting both daytime and at night without realizing it.
2. Frequent mention names of people or family members who are already deceased, and often told him if he ever or interacting with one of the deceased.
3. Always repeating the words "We're home!" I kepengen home or words of like, when he was at home.
4. Often speaking not connect what is being talked about, he speaks not aware of what is being said, this happens because the control center in the brain has begun to weaken and lose its function. 5. If blanketed always discard or get rid of the cloth or blanket, and without a shred of embarrassment he let his private parts exposed. (If my place is called waste cloth)
6. If defecation, stool is black and smelly and very disgusting, it so happens to drain all the dirt in his stomach
7. If we consider both eyes wide open staring at the ceiling as if to listen and pay attention to something very serious and sometimes talking to himself as if no interlocutor who escapes from our sight.
8. Usually when will die 2 or 3 days more appetite increases then suddenly the next day his appetite back drop, even did not want to eat and worse still water infusion would not enter into his body.
9. Never sleep daytime or at night and always directs his gaze to the ceiling above.
10. It started to not recognize the people around him, including children, mothers, fathers and neighbors.
11. At approximately 1 hour before his death, his body temperature rose to more heat.
12. In the ears look bigger and become soft, I do not know why it happened.

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