How to Copy CD / DVD protected

This time I will discuss about how to copy CDs / DVDs protected. cd protection is useful to avoid piracy. hell yes this way can be called piracy. but piracy is a CD copy propagated and sold it was a hijacking, and for this method is only used for personal not for sale. The following is how to copy a CD / DVD protected:

1. Use a PC or laptop that has the drive.

2. Insert the CD to be protected into the CD / DVD.

3. Download 'pembobolnya', the application is called IsoBuster and can be downloaded here. download isobuster.exe

4. After the install application iso buster

5. Run IsoBuster and select the CD / DVD you.

6. Block files in a CD to be copied, and then select the file extract

7. Select a storage location.

8. Follow the next steps, and the process of copying is complete.

Thus the tips and tricks that I can share may be useful for all of you. If you experience difficulties please comment below. and in this way are not responsible for piracy. Thank you.

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