How to Add RAM Android with Hibernate Application

previously ram is the cornerstone of an android phone, why not? if we are too small ram HP android you will slow. well to cope with small RAM there are also tablets ram booster application. can certainly follow the following tutorial you will be invited to how to add RAM to the android application.

Here's how to add RAM Android using Greenify. Make sure you are already in a state of Android ter-root

1. Download Xposed Installer, then install as normal on your Android

2. Download and install Greenify also as usual in your Android.

3. Open Xposed Framework then go to the tab and select Install / Update. Then Reboot / Restart your Android.

4. If you've Restart, go to the Modules tab and tick the Greenify. After that, restart or reboot back your Android

5. After that, open Greenify then select Experimental features. Change her menjadiBoost Working Mode. Keep a check on Notifications, Wake-up Tracker & Cutoff and Block App State Abuse

6. All you need to do now is menghibernasi unused applications. Return to the start menu, then select the + and select any application or game you want to hibernate.

Thanks and Good Luck

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