How to Work, Benefits and Disadvantages VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a connection between one network to another network in private over the public network (Internet). VPN-called virtual network because it uses a public network (Internet) as the intermediary media alias instead of a direct connection. And called Private Network
because the network is private, where only certain people can access it. Transmitted data was encrypted, making it safe and keep it secret though is sent over public networks.
virtual private network
How it Works VPN

From the picture above is a simple way of working VPN (PPTP protocol) is as follows:
  • VPN requires a server that serves as a liaison between the PC, it can be a VPN server computer with VPN application server or a router, for example MikroTik RB 750.
  • To start a connection, a computer with VPN Client application contacted Server VPN, the VPN server then verifies the username and password and if successful then the VPN Server provides a new IP address on the client computer and then a connection / tunnel will be formed.
  • For the next client computer can be used to access a variety of resources (computers or in LAN) is located behind the VPN Server instance to transfer data, ngeprint document, browsing with VPN gateways supplied from the server, perform remote desktop, and so 

Advantages or Benefits VPN

Some of the advantages of VPN technology are:
  • Remote Access, the VPN we can access a computer or office network, from anywhere as long as connected to the internet
  • Security, the VPN connection we can surf safely when using public Internet access as a hotspot or internet cafe.
  • Save network setup costs, VPNs can be used as an alternative technology to connect a wide local network with a relatively small cost, because the data transmission using VPN technology media existing public network without the need to build a personal network.
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Deficiency or weakness VPN

Any excess must be no drawbacks, some shortcomings of the VPN are:
  • Internet connection (public network) that we can not predict. This can be understandable, because basically we just "nebeng" network connections on the other side so automatically we do not have control over the network.
  • More attention to security. Again, because of the use of public networks, then we need to give more attention to prevent things like unwanted eavesdropping, hacking and cyber crime action on the VPN network.
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