Easy Ways to Register License Mikrotik in Computers

This time we will discuss about how to register License Mikrotik, Mikrotik license registration is done after we mengintsal Mikrotik OS. Why do we have to Register License Mikrotik? because if we do not register proxy, proxy you considered a probationary period and is usually given within 1 day, if within one day that you do not register it then you can not use proxy or router will stop. nah to register License proxy you can follow the steps below:

  1. Mikrotik connect with other PC or laptop using UTP cable.
  2. Open Winbox
  3. Login to Mikrotik using Winbox 
  4. On the main page Winbox "RouterOS Welcome" with information you do not have a key router and the router will stop within 23 hours 50 minutes.
  5. On the Main-page Winbox click "System" and click the "Licence"
  6. Then click "Import Key" and select the license file level 6 in the ISO folder earlier
  7. Router now? Click "OK", the router will restart and disconnect.
  8. Log in again to Mikrotik via Winbox, go to the menu System -> License -> Then it will appear that the Mikrotik has been successfully registered with the license level 6.
Congratulations now you Mikrotik his license had to level 6. Similarly, the tips and tricks that I can convey may be useful for you all.

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