How to Lock Computer and laptop with flash

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Flash Disk is a data storage device / file in the form of NAND. In this device, embedded controller and data storage memory is non-volatile alias will not be lost even if there is no electrical power. Flash components simpler and relatively less compared to hard drives. This is because the flash does not require a disc, motorcycle, or other parts that work mechanically. besides made turns flash storage media can also be used to lock a computer just like lock the door, how the following are the steps:

Flash (make sure free from viruses)
Unplug first flashdisk, Let no flash installed

Download, Install and Run Predator on your computer.
Afterwards, a popup will appear like this. Well, at this point you have to insert the flash you want to use as the key.

If so, please go to Preferences and settings as follows:

  • input Password
  • Select your flash drive letter path
  • Then click the Create Key

If you want the application Predator always ask for a password every time you insert the flash to unlock, please check the option "Always Required"

Save and Close, usually Predator will ask to restart the application. Now to test, try to unplug your stick from Computer. Wait a few seconds until the Predator icon is green, it indicates that the Predator is already running on the computer you. Every 30 seconds Predator will check whether the flash key You still plugged into the computer, otherwise the computer will be locked.

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