How to Install Linux CentOS for Servers and Their Image

Cara Instalasi CentOS, Distro Linux Andalan untuk Server

Linux is an open source operating system software that is free to be distributed under the GNU license. Linux is a derivative of Unix and can work on a variety of hardware ranging from inter koputer x86 to RISC.

A. Excess

  • Is open source, free and open. so it does not have to cost to get it. LICENSE FREE and be in arbitrary permutations.
  • Linux is now easy to operate. if used linux users synonymous with the hackers, but now has a lot of ordinary people who use it.
  • Almost all the usual applications run on Windows, Linux root apps already developed by the Linux community, or can also use a software emulator.
  • Have superior security because in the design of multiuser so if a virus attacks a particular user, it will be very difficult to spread to other users.
  • Suitable for PC that has the minimum specification for Linux requires less resource than Windows.
  • Linux can be run in two modes.
  • Rarely crashes or hangs jamming which requires us to restart the computer because linux is more stable.
  • Have communities in various parts of the world.
  • There are various options such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS, RedHat, openSUSE, Mandriva, and so on.

B. shortage

  • Many users are not accustomed to using linux.
  • Hardware support from certain vendors that are not too good on linux.
  • The installation is not as easy as windows.
  • Linux is not as efficacious as an application in Windows applications.
  • For system administrators who are not familiar with Unix-like, it would not want to have to learn it first.
  • The directory structure and permissions are confusing for users who are accustomed to using Windows.

In recent years, rapid growth of Linux is better to use the "Desktop" or the "Server". When viewed from the side version, Linux distributions are increasingly diverse set you free to choose according to the needs and desires. Some Linux distributions include CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise, OpenSUSE, Mint, Ubuntu, FreeBSD. Among some of the existing distribution paid or free. Although we paid can still download the installer file (.ISO) and install it on your own computer device. Broadly speaking, it can be deduced, difference between paid and free Linux is in support of any bugs. For example, we buy the support of Red Hat Enterprise for 3 years. So if there is a bug in the OS Red Hat that we buy, we can ask Red Hat Support to improve our server.
CentOS is a derivative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CentOS is almost exactly the same as Red Hat. Therefore, you could say that CentOS is a Linux version of the Free Enterprise. Usually, the operating system used on the server with a fairly wide scope. When discussing the server then you will see the display bit (user interface) even mainly as text. So how do we do installasi? On this occasion the author will share the stage stage CentOS installation on a server owned by you.

  1. Prior to installation, you must have the installer file first. If you do not have you can get it at the local repository Indonesia (such as: or official web CentOS (
  2. Burn DVD and insert the DVD Drive. Or you can also create installers via usb. The author this time using the DVD as the installation medium.
  3. First Boot Device Configuration on the DVD drive, you can set it on the computer BIOS. The author does not explain how to set the First Boot Device in the article this time, because there are differences in the settings on each computer.
  4. If your settings are correct, then the installation can begin. Turn on the device of your computer, then will get the installation options as shown. Select "Install or Upgrade an Existing System" and then press "Enter"
5. After you specify will appear choice option "Testing the Media" aim to check whether the DVD installer we are in good condition or corrupt. You can pass this stage, by means memiilih "Skip". Or do the checking of premises selecting "OK". Then press "Enter"
6. After Testing Media process is complete, you will find window "Welcome to the CentOS!" And then press "Enter"
7. In this section, you are required to make the choice of language for the operating system on the server. Published several languages that will be used during the installation. The author here is suggested to choose the English language, so choose the "English" and click "Enter"
8. The next part is to set the keyboard mode, you will see options as seen in the picture. Select the model of the keyboard "us" and then press "Enter"
9. This section is a critical part of the installation, which will empty your entire hard drive back. It is better you perform a data backup before installing. Select "Re-initialize all" and then press "Enter". This option will erase all the data on your hard disk partitions at once form.
10. The next step is to set the time on your server. Will be shown some timezone of areas in the world. because the authors in Indonesia, author chose "Asia / Jakarta" and then press "Enter". If your server is not in Indonesia, you can customize it.

11. Basically, the default user for CentOS operating system is the root. So for the initial installation you are required to enter the password for the "root".
12. Select "Use entire drive" on this part, this is because you have formatted the disk beforehand so that the order of the hard drive back empty.
13. Then select "Write the change to disk"

14. Next you will see the CentOS operating system installation on the computer you have
15. The last step before you use your computer is to reboot.
16. After restarting the login page will appear as shown below. Which indicates that the CentOS installation is completed.

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