Understanding and deodex ODEX on android

Odexed, if you have odexed ROM, then you will find a lot of files with the extension. ODEX system app folder. For example you will find the file and then the file browser.odex Browser.apk underneath. Odex itself is an abbreviation of'' Optimized Dalvik Executable Files''. This file is used to set the system structure that contains information about an application such as start-up information, and other usage. This file will allow the Android system to access various kinds of information without the need to access the core files (. apk) and then take it from the file. ODEX file is then automatically loaded into Dalvik cache, so that your Android system will work much faster. That is why you are required to clean the Dalvik cache when going to install a new ROM because the Dalvik cache is a lot of information directly related to the performance of the Android system. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Odex ROM 
1. Odexed has several advantages, namely: 
  Various kinds of applications can be opened more quickly because of a variety of important information that had been loaded by the Android system. Files. Apk of the application will have a size that is not too big so it will save your memory. 
2. Shortage of odexed ROM are: 
modifications to an application becomes more difficult because the code of the application is divided into two terpisahjika files you delete some of the data from the application, then you also have to delete the file. ODEX her to avoid various kinds of errors on the Android system 

Advantages and disadvantages of deodexed ROM 
  1. Advantages compared with odexed ROMs, which are: 
deodexed ROM is easier to be modified because of all the data stored in its saja.Aplikasi apk files contained in the system is easier to be removed because the only-ny apk files that must be removed 
2. Shortage of deodexed ROM include: 
The program library can not be loaded in advance so it takes a little longer to open an application. The boot process will take a long time because the information contained in the apk must be taken prior 

But one thing to remember, these two shortcomings will disappear or will not be realized when the Dalvik cache has stores all the information needed from an application so that the boot times and faster application open. But if you remove the Dalvik cache, then you will return to the boot long enough to feel like when you've installed the new ROM. 

In conclusion: 
"If odexed ROM is intended for the Android system is faster in reading its data, while deodexed ROM is intended for easier modification". 

Hence you can easily select what type of ROM you want to use. And they both provide good performance for the Android system that we use. 

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