Just Eat It Breatharism tribe Wind To Life

Food is one of the important factors for survival. But a man from Sri Lanka claiming to rely on wind, light, and power of God to life. He did not eat! 

Kirby de Lanerolle is breatharism follower concept, the practice of obtaining energy through spiritual energy or light without eating. He has been practicing for five years. 

"The average person in 10 months has been eating the dish 900. I just ate seven times over the last 10 months," said Lanerolle, as reported by Rocket News 24 (07/04/13) from National Geographic. And he claims that every dish that he consume contains less than 500 calories. 

Speaking at the TED conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka, early last year, Lanerolle said that he was interested in being a follower breatharism after comparing the modern diet with the way people used to eat. He read that such a diet can lead to complications such as heart disease and cancer. 

Men without food even this proves that he can still perform. He claimed that in 2012 he successfully completed the half marathon despite not eating anything for two months. 

Lanerolle managed to rise from the dark past. As a teenager, he was involved with drugs and fights. But then he realized that it is only to change their own destiny. Lanerollepun switch to shooting sports and boxing and has won several medals in national and provincial tournaments. 

Increased her confidence. He then manages the company and served as an executive advisor at the Ministry of Fish and Aquatic Resources of Sri Lanka. In 2011, Lanerolle and his wife founded the Warehouse Project, a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to people unable to.

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