How To Track Mobile android is missing

How To Track Mobile android is missing - This time I will share tips and tricks on how to track the missing HP android, android phone lost now can we track on Google Play, so if you are an android HP you lose you do not need to be confused and not have to worry all that is lost can now be found again, but there are a prerequisite before you lose your android phone should you have to always be active in the play google or google account you should always be connected, is to overcome this unwanted incident following the tips and tricks that track HP android is missing:

1) Visit Google Play
2) Then on the top right corner to see the picture icon setting
How To Track Mobile android is missing
3) Click and select the android device manager / business device android 
4) When you click on the device manager in the browser, it will automatically be connected to your Smartphone. 
5) Once the device manager android smartphone has found a position, you will see the location on Google Maps and the distance between you and your Smartphone. 

you have 3 options to choose from: 

- Ring the device 
   This option will make the phone ring for 5 minutes mate, although your phone in a silent state. 
- Lock the device 
    This feature allows you to lock your android phone 
- Erase all data 
   By using this feature, all existing data on your android phone will be lost including images, music and other files. 

Similarly, the tips and tricks that you can try may be useful for all of you.

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