how to Reset HP Android Like New

how to Reset HP Android Like New - your old unused can be reset as early as we just bought. Android if we will reset back to factory settings, and HP Application available in android you will be automatically formatted. well if you want to do this the way you should you have to do is to backup the data first. The following step by step how to Reset HP android like new. 

1 Factory Reset on Android Rooting and ROM yet still Original factory 
In this condition, the initial setup can be done through 

Settings> Privacy> Factory Data Reset 

Factory Data Reset is normally done if the Android experience the following problems: 
- Built-in Android app having problems. 
- Occurs Force Close on several applications installed that does not work. 
- Number Invalid IMEI or IMEI is not detected. 
Factory Data Reset In the process, there will be the following: 
- Restore to factory default settings app original like new 
- Removing installed application from the download Playstore 
- Deleting phone contacts stored on the SIM card Android except 
- Deleting data stored in the Internal Storage such as: photos, songs, images, etc.. 
- Restoring Android in total to its original settings.

how to Reset HP Android Like New

2 Factory Reset on Android already installed Rooting and Custom ROMs 
In this condition, the initial setup can be done through two ways: 
- Factory Reset through 
Settings> Privacy> Factory Data Reset 
- Factory Reset via Recovery 
Rooting for Android that has certainly install a third-party recovery mode like "ClockWordMod" or "TeamWinRecoveryProject" Android by restarting and pressing the [power] [volume up] [home] simultaneously to enter recovery mode 

In practice Factory Data Reset through recovery mode performed lifeboat following issues: 
- Having bootloop Android (Android after turned on can not start and only until the logo only) so it can not perform a Factory Reset through the. 
- Default application or custom application from ROM experiencing force close. 
- System UI experiencing force close 
- Damage to the custom ROM

how to Reset HP Android Like New
Recovery mode is useful in the following: 
- Perform data backup through CWM / TWRP 
- Restore the backed up ROM 
- Installing APK 
- Perform Mount Storage (reading the data on the internal storage or penyimpaan in 
external / Micro SD) 
- Do a wipe ROM (ROM uninstall / operating system to Android) 
- Do a factory reset from CWM / TWRP 
Factory Reset through recovery mode usually depends on the ROM installed on Android, if it is a custom ROMnya the reinstatement process is limited to the initial conditions ROMnya Custom only, not the conditions of the manufacturer. 

Similarly, the tips and tricks that I can say may be useful for all of you.

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