How to Fix Invalid IMEI Android

How to Fix Invalid IMEI Android - This time I will explain How can I restore an invalid IMEI Mobile android that there are problems. IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is a 15 digit number found behind the battery HP or equal to the number in the box HP book. Invalid IMEI which usually occurs in the Android encounter errors while flashing or errors that occur during a wipe (factory reset) via TWRP / CWM, although the specific error that occurred was not identified early. It is very diverse effects, ranging from loss of signal or mobile network on which you use Android in particular that it can not perform as well as DIAL SMS via GSM, there is also a signal and a fixed network is detected but Android identifying invalid IMEI so it can not connect to the internet. 

nah to address and fix Invalid IMEI android you have to do is as follows: 
1. Terms Android already in the root. 
2. entry MTK Engineering (EngineeringMode) by way of dial * # * # 3646633 # * # *

How to Fix Invalid IMEI Android

NB: If you can not get in, first install MTK Engineering.Apk can be downloaded here.

How to Fix Invalid IMEI Android

3 After entering the MTK Engineering (Engineering Mode) select the "connectivity"
4. then select "CDS Information"
5. then select "Radio Information" (menu to fill IMEI)
How to Fix Invalid IMEI Android

6. next select "1 SIM / Phone 1" will appear AT + EMGR = 1.7, "ISI IMEI NUMBER HERE"
7 then "Send AT Command"
8 do the "SIM 2 / Phone2" will appear AT + EMGR = 1.10, "ISI IMEI NUMBER HERE"
9. then "Send AT Command"
NB: note the "quotation" marks on each different HP.
10 Reboot / Restart Hp.
11. check IMEI by way of dial * # 06 #

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