How to Cope with Google Play Store No Connection

How to Cope with Google Play Store No Connection - This time I will discuss about how to cope with google Play Store is no connection. sometimes we never come across this case. and we think Google Play Store is no connection sometimes we think there is no longer interference signal or network. but if a signal or good network means that it is not the problem it could be your android Hp. well for that you can fix by following the step by step below:

Cara Mengatasi Google Play Store No Connection
METHOD 1: Go to settings> applications> set of applications> all> Google Play Store> Clear Cache> Clear Data 

METHOD 2: Go to settings> wireless and networks> mobile networks> access point names> select the access point that is checked> delete proxy (proxy for jaga2 first record)> press menu> select save 

3 WAYS: 
1) Make sure you are on Android-Root 
2) Install Root Explorer app (DOWNLOAD HERE) 
3) Open Root Explorer app 
4) Click Mount as R / W 
5) Go to / system / etc / 
6) Find the hosts file and then press and hold the hosts file before 
and select "Open in Text Editor" 
7) There, contained a list of IP addresses, then erase that says google it and simply leave 1 line are: localhost (usually the top). 
8) Pili menus "Save and Exit" 
9) Done, try logging into Google Play 

Similarly, the tips and tricks that I can say may be useful for you all.

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