tips to overcome dry lips

Lip care is very important. But sometimes, despite regularly use lip balm, lip condition remains the same. No confusion, here is a natural way to overcome lips dry and chapped. 

Tomato. Massage lips with a slice of tomato slices. Tomatoes are known to cure the problem naturally dry lips. a few drops of honey on a slice of tomato can also be an alternative to dioleskann on the lips. 

Butter or coconut oil. Apply coconut oil or butter on dry lips each time. The fatty acids in coconut oil to heal dry skin. In addition, butter and coconut oil are also getting rid of lip color is relatively dark. 

Sliced ​​cucumber. Well, Cucumber contains a lot of water. The content of this you can try to massage the lips with cucumber slices twice a day. Cucumber also contains a lot of vitamin C that can moisturize your lips. 

Aloe vera extract. Extracts of aloe vera, not only on dry skin, it can also be applied to the lips dry and chapped. Aloe vera extract also helps moisturize and keep skin soft. 

Honey. Take a drop of honey on your fingertips and massage your lips with it. Honey can soften and moisturize the lips and prevent it from cracking. 

Lemon and honey. The combination of the two to be one of the most effective home remedies to treat chapped lips. Lemon can peel the skin, removes dead skin cells and cleanse the skin. Apply a second ingredient on the lips dry and chapped. 

Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is one of the causes behind the lips dry and chapped. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep skin moist. 

Avoid lipstick. Lipstick can dry the lips and makes it even more chapped. If your lips are dry, avoid using lipstick or lip made ​​from other chemicals, lip balm and lip gloss

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