Space agency Indonesian Satellite Rocket Design

This is made ​​in Indonesia to be proud of. Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) variants are designing rockets for the purposes of research and satellite transport. One of the rockets can reach up to a height of 260 km from the earth's surface. 
Satellite rocket named transport is capable of carrying a satellite RX550 small or micro satellites. It is delivered by a field researcher Rocket Motor Sofyan to detikFinance Space agency on the sidelines of the exhibition hall Harteknas in BPPT office, Jl MH Thamrin Jakarta 

"If it riket RX550 range of 300 km. Able to statelit orbiter. Was no staging or 4 level 4. Was being developed," said Sofyan. 

In addition RX550 version, Space agency is also developing rockets RX450. These rockets have a range that is lower reaches only 150 km from the earth's surface. The rocket can be enabled to carry radiation monitors or research purposes. 

"That rocket sondak (sounding rocket) can observe solar radiation for research," he added 

The initial target, two types of rockets launched during the period of 2014. However projected backwards in 2015. 

"Plan 2014 RX550 and RX450 can be launched but will retreat. Years entry to the static test," he explained.

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