Plant Not Pollution

Although green plants are often said to be able to improve the environment, but there are a number of plants that turned out to have advantages such as inhibiting pollution, bring the birds, and so forth. Below are 9 types of plants are known as anti-pollution. 

1. Dadap Red Tree 
This tree should ditanaman in the open, because it will invite the presence of the birds. This is because various types of birds love to eat the fruit of which is owned by the red dadap. 

2. Crop Betel Netherlands 
Shrubs can grow anywhere, including in the pot. These plants can absorb formaldehyde and benzene that will make the situation becomes more fresh and relieved to breathe. 

3. Hibiscus 
Hibiscus is a plant that dapatmenyerap nitrogen thus making our lungs feel more spacious. However, do not try to plant these flowers in near space Radiography hibiscus because it has a function to pass the radiation so it would be very dangerous for people who are around these radiographs. 

4. Sansevieria 
Adalaah Sansevieria plants that can absorb 107 kinds of toxins, including air pollution, cigarette smoke (nicotine), to nuclear radiation. Therefore, the plant is suitable for refreshing. 

5. Trembesi Trees 
These plants can absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide. However, plants that require large amounts of land 

6. Longan Trees 
Everyone must know that the longan fruit is so delicious. However, did you know that the longan tree actually has more value that is capable of reducing noise pollution. Therefore, it is advisable to factories that use generators, it is better to plant the longan trees around it. 

7. Lagerstroemia and Mahogany trees 
This tree is known to absorb air pollutants such as lead. Therefore, these trees should be planted as reforestation in large cities. 

8. Colorful Flowers 
Flowers have many colors tetnu will refresh our eyes. Thus, it is advisable to be planted around the hospital to provide rapid recovery for the patient. This plant is of course against the pollution of the soul. 

9. Moss 
Moss attached to the tree trunk appeared to have more value that can detect the level of air pollution in an area. So, the more the plant moss stuck in a tree will make the air quality at the site become better. 
the presence of this anti-pollution plants, our environment becomes more clean and comfortable. and is expected to multiply these plants so that our environment free from pollution

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